Color Correcting Rio Footage

Yesterday we began work on the first light color correction for footage that we shot for LG down in Rio, Brazil. With almost 8TB of footage shot from about everywhere we could think of including underwater and helicopter. Everything was shot ultra high def and all the files we will be delivering are either 4k or 8k.

Using REDCine 17, we corrected over 150 shots in about 12 man hours. We imported the shots we needed to get to our editor, colored and adjusted them. Once everything was colored we sent the timeline out using Export (shallow)> FCP XML to Pr which then sent the timeline to Adobe Pr CC with all the RMD data intact.

It was great to have all the little features that REDCine provides but also be able to send straight to Pr to edit and feed into AE for additional styling and technical fixes.

Keep your eye out for our Rio footage on

Download REDCine to color your RED footage

4k & 8k Footage Shoot in Brazil

The CMG/ crew just got back from shooting in Rio, Brazil. They were shooting 4k RED footage as well as 8k timelapses using sliders, underwater housing and helicopters.

Keep your eye on in the next few months for new footage!

Monavie fitness shoot.

We had the opportunity to do a fitness shoot for Monavie (RVL).

Mark Macdonald, author of “Body Confidence” and creator of the Venice nutrition program was here directing the workout videos.

It was a lot of fun and it was a pleasure working with everyone.

The new Epic.

Below are John, Adam, Chris, and Ryan very proudly holding the newest camera edition to CMG.

We are excited to show you what this camera is capable of.

Stay tuned.

Learning the new site

Noah is going through the new site with me right now.  Epic it is.Adam and Noah Hanging out with the new website

Website Redo!!

New website launching! What do you think??